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Music Software

2017-09-25 12:11:36 by Axils34

Is there any good free music software I can use to make my music other than Garageband? Garageband kinda sucks.


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2017-09-25 12:31:56

LMMS, Reaper, etc.


2017-09-25 20:17:47

Logic Pro X is what I use. It's got really good sounds and loops, and you don't really need any plugins to do good stuff.
It's got over 3100 Alchemy Synths, fully customizable, and there's even more synths that aren't alchemy that are still really good. It's got drums, natural sounds, and a whole selection of instruments that are pretty good.
It has this really cool feature that makes automated drum tracks, so you don't have to try and time the drums perfectly, and you can fully control the fills, melody, side chaining, etc.
Overall it's really good and I totally recommend it. Unless you don't use Apple, then you can't use it.
If you do use Apple, though, look it up. Its on the App Store for computers. it's pretty pricey but worth it

Axils34 responds:

I was wondering if there was a good FREE software music making, not something that costs money